Hi there! My name is Julia.

I'm a traveller. I worked as a destination photographer in Europe. So I dealt with different clients all over the world. 25 countries are already on my list. Now my city is New York.


Photography is my life. It’s my passion. I can describe my style as photojournalism combined with a bit of posing. But my main goal is to capture your true emotions.


I love discovering new places even at the same city, such as new streets, amazing terraces with stunning views of the surrounding areas, beautiful national parks, deserts etc.


I'm a photographer with over 10 years experience. My works has been featured in some magazines, like Mordant, Vigour & PUMP.


I am always open to new interesting countries and cities, so if you want to invite me on a trip with you, I'll be glad to join! Feel free to contact me.


Let's keep your memories together!

JM Photos // Julia Mokhnatkina


Vigour Magazine, December 2020

PUMP Magazine, November 2020

BEYONDall Magazine, October 2020

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